Since the company's inception in 1982, White Oak Properties has been the creator of numerous successful, upscale condominium and townhome communities throughout North Carojlina's Triangle area.  Atlantic Place I and II, Cotton Mill, Falls River Condos, and Park Devereux name just a few White Oak properties in Raleigh; White Oak condominiums in Cary are located in Cary Park and Lion's Gate; and White Oak condominiums and townhomes in Meadowmont and Southern Village are found in Chapel Hill.  During its span of over 30 years in the development industry, White Oak Properties has received significant acclaim through Community Appearance Awards for a number of its projects.  Most recently, White Oak Properties received a platinum Best in American Living Award (BALA) from the National Association of Home Builders in recognition of the company's work at Meadowmont's Summit Park in Chapel Hill.  This coveted award signifies that the judging panel, composed of builders, marketing experts, architects, land planners, developers, design professionals, interior designers, and Professional Builder editors, found White Oak Properties' Summit Park the finest community of its size in the nation.

At the helm of White Oak Properties is company founder Roland Gammon.  With a passion for building and structure, Roland owned a small residential renovation company before launching his celebrated development career. Jed Gammon, Roland's son, grew up in the building and development industry, working and learning alongside his dad.  An NC State University graduate with property management work experience, Jed followed his father's footsteps into the land development business, currently serving as Project Manager for White Oak Properties.

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